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Insuring the Future: The Exclusive “Hybrid” Development Program

In a 2008 presentation to the National Association of Independent Colleges & University, GDAIS principals described the typology of the small private college of the future. One group was described as "endangered" because they were small colleges in small towns with few distinctions and enrollments under 2500. GDAIS argues that the alternative to being endangered is becoming a "hybrid."

Hybrids are colleges that have one or more unique activities or programs designed to attract a significant number of students who would not ordinarily consider nor enroll at your college.

The objective of the hybrid is to compensate for characteristics of your institution that might not be appealing to many students (location, size, etc.) by developing unique or distinctive programs that will attract students who otherwise not be interested in your institution. Ideally, a college will develop two or more hybrid activities. These programs or activities may attract a vast majority students or only appeal to 20 students--but 20 students who would not ordinarily be interested in your college.

The GDA Integrated Services Hybrid Development program includes in-depth on-campus interviews to determine what distinct possibilities are organic to your institution. We firmly believe a successful distinction must be built on an idea or activity that already exists at the institution. Once several concepts have been decided upon, GDAIS "tests" each one through quantitative research to ensure that the activity or program will attract a certain number of students but also to ensure it will attract the kind of student who will be valued by your institution (solid high school grade point averages, altruism, higher income, spiritual interest, etc.).

As the final step in the Hybrid Development program, GDAIS, in conjunction with the institution's staff, develops and helps execute a cost-effective rollout of the activity that will firmly place the activity in the minds of prospective students, guidance counselors, and the public.